Wedding // Beth Anne & Chris // Charlottesville, VA

Beth Anne and Chris are two extremely gentle and kind people. They spent their entire wedding day just glowing. This was a special wedding for me because it was where I met my dear friend Stephanie. I loved working with such a wonderful group of people. And the VA mountains weren’t bad either. Thanks to Layne for bringing me along!

Wedding Design: Stephanie Scholl Events
Location: Wolf Trap Farm


Anniversary // Maria & En Tao // Durham, NC

I met Maria and En Tao when they joined my Bible study group this year, and how fortune I am that they did. Maria and En Tao – to know them is to be served by them. They don’t hold back. Both their beings hinges on and circles around their passionate love for Jesus Christ and their desire to follow after Him. It is amazing to see how that love and relationship transforms the very thoughts and actions of two people. They are never forlorn or downcast, because they know how their story ends. They are never proud or haughty because they understand their need for Him. They are always hopeful and joyous because of the secure love and hope they have in Christ’s sacrifice and defeat of death. It was a pleasure to capture their love.

January 4, 2016 - 10:44 am

Engaged! // Janelle & Andrew // Downtown Raleigh, NC

This engagement session was a delight! I am embarrassed to say that I had never been to Warehouse district of Raleigh until I met up with Janelle and Andrew. I could tell immediately that they were up for anything. They were happy to just walk around and discover the area with me. We meandered to a tucked away little chocolate shop (called Videri Chocolate Factory, you must go) and grabbed some delicious goodies, and made it back to the Boylan Bridge just in time for sunset. You know those kind of people that just glow when they are with the person they love? Well that is both Janelle and Andrew. They absolutely glow when they are together. There was such a tenderness in the way Andrew would put his arm around her shoulder. As if to Andrew, Janelle was the most precious thing. And the smile that crept across Janelle’s face every time she looked at Andrew – it was beautiful. They made my job so easy. 



Lydia and Sami live in Boston, so I didn’t get the chance to meet them until their wedding day. And they were so welcoming and warm to me! They spent the entire day selflessly concerned with everyone else’s contentment, instead of their own. One of Lydia’s bridesmaids said about her, “Lydia has the best sense of humor, and it is never at the expense of another person. And that is how she is in life.” I don’t know them well, but I know that both their sacrificial attitudes are going to enrich their marriage. So happy for you both!

Lydia’s grandmother gave her a dime and she taped it inside of her shoes, for good luck.

I love a couple that can run in the rain with a joyous attitude!

October 28, 2015 - 12:27 pm

Arleen and Rusty Laporte - Thanks, Alicia, for sharing this lovely link first thing this morning. Now I’m a mess and my makeup is a mess and for the rest of the day! But our hearts are also filled with joy for Lydia and Sami! What a beautiful couple — inside and out! Congrats and best wishes to Lydia and Sami! A&R