Wedding // Kelly & Andrew // Cedar Grove, NC

I never know where to start with these.. Let me begin this one by saying what an honor it was to be by the side of two Jesus-loving, faithful, hilarious, understanding and gentle people on their wedding day. They let me take a peek into their personal moments with each other and with their friends. Moments that would otherwise remain private. I am seldom privy to such authentic beauty.  Andrew and Kelly are people filled with excitement for the future and for each other and for their dear loved ones. And I saw the love that everyone has for these two. Their wedding day was hardly an ideal day weather wise, but it seemed as though to them – it didn’t matter. They knew that it wasn’t about the setting or the weather (and I mean all day nonstop rain!), but about the fact that they made the choice to begin the rest of their lives together in marriage. Andrew and Kelly – you guys are wonderful.


Engagement // Sarah & Cedric // North France

Sarah & Cedric Engagement

Before you look, please note the location. That’s right – we were in France, baby! And it was just as wonderful as you are currently imagining. Now, where do I even begin with Sarah and Cedric? Sarah is my sister-in-law, and suffice it to say she is a very unique individual. She can be a handful and I love the heck out of that little weirdo! Her personality ranges from ridiculously hilarious and weird and sarcastic to quiet and reserved and one-word answers only please. You never really know what you’ll get with her. But she loves hard and is an enormously protective and thoughtful person. I once mentioned to Sarah in passing that I was extremely stressed out. About week later, I received in the mail a feather necklace and a note from her that read “let your worries be as light as a feather.” I still have the note. She can be a hard read sometimes, but she looks after those that she loves and I felt very cared for. Now, Cedric (pronounced seh-dreek, by the way). He is French to a T – well dressed, reserved, a gentleman. Despite our amusing language barrier (a lot gets lost in translation), he is a joy to know. He has a wonderful sense of humor and loves Sarah fiercely, gently and with loving patience. They are a fantastic match and I cannot wait for them to tie the knot in October!

The Little Bainter Family of North Carolina

Family and Baby Photograph

This family is so so so adorable! I met Matt and Sierra in my small group Bible study, and, after a few Tuesday evenings, I finally met their teensy little cuddly daughter Hazel (know to all as Hazelnut or Hazey). This family is so open and honest and accepting. They are probably the two most frank and forthright individuals I’ve met in a while. And the sincerity in their love for each other, for their daughter and for their friends emanates from them. We met up on a random afternoon and took a little walk around their neighborhood and what started out as a family session slowly became a baby portrait session… I mean look at that face!

That hair though.

March 3, 2015 - 1:13 am

mom - Oh my gosh Bek, this baby is the cutest! Photography isn’t half bad either. =)

A Farm Spring Bridal Inspiration

Sometimes I get the itch to create and this the result. I wanted to create a bride that was farm-inspired and natural. I worked with a wonderful team of talented ladies who gave up their Saturday morning for this. These images absolutely reflect my vision for the work I want to do. I want to work with open-hearted people who will allow me the creative freedom to capture all the little details that go into a wedding day – a bridal session – an engagement session. Please please, take your time and savor. I hope you enjoy, because I sure did! Now, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Hair Stylist: Liz Perniciaro
Makeup Artist: Patricia Love
Floral Design: Tre Bella Floral
Dress: Free People
Shoes: Altar’d State

Wedding // Sarah&Tristan // North Carolina

Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to introduce you to two of the most easygoing and agreeable people to ever get married! The entire day was about the two of them – no muss, no fuss and no worries. I think Tristan and Sarah knew that at the end of the day, they would be married – and that was all it took to keep them care free. And we all know that weddings don’t always run exactly how they are supposed to – that’s life. But there was nothing but joy and love between the two of them on their day. I was privileged to work with two such wonderful people!

February 2, 2015 - 7:46 pm

Teresa Edwards - the day was absolutely beautiful as well as the couple. Boots you did a fabulous job on the photos