Engagement // Ally&Bobby // Raleigh, NC

These two are a perfect example of opposites attract. Ally is precious and Bobby is a fire-cracker, and they are darling together. The complement each other in such a way that only God could have planned it, and their love for God binds them together in a beautiful way. Please, enjoy!

Engaged! // Andrew&Kelly // Todd, NC

You guys, I really like Andrew and Kelly. A lot. A lot a lot. When we met for their engagement session, we sat on the porch of the Todd Mercantile and the stars aligned. God was there. We were surrounded by tranquil mountains and the colors of fall. The little porch we sat on had a musty wood cabin smell. There was a slight breeze on the air, the sun was bright and shiny, the music playing made me wistful and there was just the faintest smell of campfire smoke in the air. If you know me AT ALL, you know that my little heartstrings tug when I am reminded of Philmont, a backpacking adventure camp in the mountains of northeast New Mexico that stole my heart. I worked at Philmont for five summers, and I met my husband there. Those summers were spent changing kids’ lives, building fires, living off of nothing in the mountains and growing relationships with dear friends… Well, needless to say my heartstrings were yanked on. I was reminded of my little slice of Heaven on Earth and let me tell you, it was embarrassing. When talking with Andrew and Kelly, I could hardly get a sentence out without getting choked up at the reminder of it all. As we sat and beheld the glory of God’s creation around us, we began to talk about life and faith and the meaning of marriage and love and beauty and relationships and it was good. It was so, so good. The conversation just poured forth and we all opened up our hearts to one another. Andrew and I were already friends, but Kelly was a complete stranger to me when we met that day. Once we all got to talking, I felt as though I had finally met a person I had been friends with for years. I have scarcely met such open and honest and beautiful from-the-inside-out person. They are awesome people individually and together. And yes, Andrew and Kelly played leap frog in that abandoned church. 

Wedding // Jada&Michael // Shallotte, NC

Just being real with you guys – sometimes shooting all day can get physically laborious and the day seems long. Standing/walking/squatting/maneuvering (for just the right shot) and squinting all day really does a number on me! But Jada and Michael made my day a breeze. They were so open and fun and loving that I forgot that I was working at all. These are two people completely unafraid of showing their love in front of others. It was so easy to capture. And their one-of-a-kind ceremony invited the guests to feel the love with them. It was tender and genuine and I loved every minute of it! Jada and Mike, thank you so much for having me in on your day.

Wedding // Katie&Drew // Hamilton Farms, New Jersey

Last year, I was given the opportunity to second shoot for the fantastic Charlie-Juliet. We drove to New Jersey and photograph the wedding of the cutest couple. There was so so so much happiness and joy that day! I wish I knew Katie and Drew a little better because their whole day was about each other and their family and friends. They were very relaxed about the whole day, just totally ready to be united. It was precious. And can we just talk about how fabulous those Jimmy Choos are!