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A little adventure – Bear Mountain 50 Mile Ultra Marathon

A few months ago, my husband Stephen had the opportunity to pace a friend in the last 10 miles of a 50 mile backwoods ultra-marathon. And it was awesome! I got to sit back and spend the morning taking pictures of runners in nature. We were up at 5am, took a bus to the start location because it was too remote to drive and then hung out and waited for Olin. By the way, the guy who ran, Olin Berger, got 10th place out of 260 runners and it was his first ultra marathon! And afterwards, he acted like he had just finished a 5k. What a tough dude. We had a great time escaping the big city and being in nature. In case you’re wondering, I didn’t have my camera on when Olin passed by me at the end so I only caught the back of him as he finished. Silly me!



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