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Rustic North Carolina Wedding / Katie and Wil are SO COOL. I’m talking “musician and movie producer living in Los Angeles” cool. They’re both native North Carolinians so I knew they were good down-home people. They got in touch with me waaaay back in February and I was immediately interested in meeting them. We exchanged email after email then finally got the change to chat and I was like “yes! they’re awesome!” We didn’t officially meet until their wedding day but we never skipped a beat. I felt like I was hanging out with old friends. Katie was friendly and bubbly and all smiles all day, completely comfortable with me. And Wil was just enamored with his new bride. Hello. Love. They surrounded themselves with the best people, who smothered them with love and affection. I had such a good time – these kinds of people are why I love what I do.

Awesome Vendors!
Planning and Styling: Happily Ever After Raleigh
Location: Starlight Meadow
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Check out the movies Katie works on!: Electric City Entertainment


Haw River Ballroom Wedding / The most difficult part of constructing a blog post is sitting at my computer wondering what to type. I do it every time – stare blankly at the computer screen trying to figure out how to use words to tell about a particular couple. I am not and have never claimed to be a writer, but I am a story teller. I just use pictures instead of words. All this to say, I do feel that it is necessary to tell about Lindsay and Andrew with words. They are both so so kind and welcoming and generous. I was 34 weeks pregnant when I shot their wedding and the whole day I felt cared for. All day Lindsay looked after me. “Can I get your bag? Can I hold that for you? No! Let me carry that!” I was supposed to be looking out for her! And Andrew was so attentive and concerned that Lindsay was enjoying the day. They cared deeply for their guests and their love for their families was palpable. They were especially enchanting together. He was tender and sweet toward her, caring for her every need while she took great joy in being his new wife. They were both such a treat to work with and besides all that – their wedding was ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS.

Shout out to these wonderful vendors who made the day great!

Planner and Stylist: Stephanie Scholl Events
Gown: Carol Hannah Bridal
Venue: Haw River Ballroom
Hair and Makeup: Makeup For Your Day
Florals: Meristem Floral

RIP Harambe


Vintage Wedding at the Horace Williams House / Bevin and Richard are two unique and beautiful souls. They met at UNC when Bevin was a PhD student, studying advanced mathematics. I have to say, knowing that both their backgrounds were in advanced math made it really intimidating to meet them for the first time. Like “what-am-i-doing-?-I-take-pictures-and-these-two-are-solving-insanely-complex-math-problems” kind of intimidation. See what I mean? But when I actually got to sit down and talk with them, they proved to be far from aloof unapproachable super-intellects (even though they are definitely super-intellects). They were kind toward each other and to me. They were warm and welcoming and caring. They treated each other with respect and they carefully listened to what the other had to say. It took no time at all for me to feel at ease and comfortable around them. Their engagement session was another little peek into their relationship, and I could tell they truly cherished each other. Their wedding day was supposed to take place on Saturday, October 8th but Hurricane Matthew had other plans in mind. No only did the hurricane flood the venue that Saturday, it also uprooted the tree they were supposed to get married under! Throughout the process of needing to reschedule every single vendor to Sunday morning, I also saw how patient and calm they are. Of course there was some fretting but they seemed very at ease with the fact that they had to move EVERYTHING to the following day. I was incredibly impressed at their “go with the flow” demeanor. The following day turned out to be the most beautiful sunny day and their attitudes mirrored the brightness of the day! They were excited, happy and radiant with each other. 




North Carolina Wooded Wedding / You guys! I love this couple so much! Gabi and Dustin are good, good people. They are encouraging and kind and thoughtful. And you can read about how we met here, in their engagement post. Gabi is obsessed with alpacas. Yes, alpacas. You could say they’re her spirit animal. As a wedding day gift to Gabi, Dustin sponsored a local alpaca in her name. Now, she gets to visit a sweet little white alpaca named Ollie. People, that is love. I am so blessed to call these two people my friends. I am encouraged by them every time I see them. And it was an honor documenting their day.