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Chapel in the Woods Wedding / This couple, her dress, the venue, their love. I could go on and on. All of it was wonderful! Sarah and Jordan have a very clear understanding that the meaning of their marriage is to glorify Jesus, and that was made the focus of the entire day. There was so much joy that my face hurt at the end of the day from smiling too much! Not a bad problem to have. In case you missed it, I was privileged enough to photograph Sarah and Jordan’s proposal (check it out here). The level of excitement on the day they got engaged was only just exceeded on their wedding day. These people are absolutely bubbling over with love and joy! And the people with which they surrounded themselves radiated excitement and joy and anticipation for them. Congratulations you little love birds and thanks for the honor of having me there.

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Roan Mountain Engagement Session // Rebekah and Rider are two super cool, super stylish and super funny people. I have to admit I was slightly intimidated by them when we met. I mean hello! Look at their beautiful faces and chic sense of style. I learned about a new fashion statement called “edgy-boho” that Bekah may or may not have made up. But once we started chatting, I found out how fun they are. All the nerves and intimidation disappeared. They both have a hilarious, goofy sense of humor and tease each other nonstop. We met in Boone, grabbed a cup of joe then headed up to Roan mountain together. When we arrived, it basically became a hang out session on top of a mountain. What a weird thing to type. Who hangs out on mountain tops? Is that a thing? I had never been to Roan mountain before and it was breathtaking. The perfect place to capture the love of such cool people. Thanks again you guys.


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beach engagement+Surprise Beach Proposal / This is one of my all-time favorite sessions. There was energy and excitement and life! And it all happened so randomly. Let me explain… I found this beautiful couple through a mutual friend and Instagram. Jordan got in touch with me and explained that he was going to propose to his girlfriend of a year, and it just so happened that he was looking for a photographer for the occasion. Having never photographed a proposal, I jumped at the chance. And it was awesome! We set up a fake “one year dating anniversary photo session” for Sarah and she totally bought it. We had been taking pictures for about an hour, then right as the sun was setting, he got down on one knee and she about fell over with joy. These two people radiate love for each other, their friends and their Savior. They were giddy and joyful and happy and bubbly and all the other fun words! And she had no idea. It was good. Really good.

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Kansas City Engagement // Elizabeth and Eli are two people who are comfortable and at ease with each other.Which made it really easy for me to photograph them. And they have a wonderful, hilarious chemistry with each other. She loves to laugh and Eli is good at making her giggle. Did I mention that Elizabeth is my older sister? So this session was particularly meaningful for me. She has been in my life as long as I’ve been alive and almost all of my memories involve her in some way. She and Eli will be getting married in October and I am going to be a blubbering mess. I love you guys.


Dress and sweater from BHLDN


02-27-2016_gabi&dustin_RSP-5545+Saxapahaw Engagement Photos // I met Gabi and Dustin in a providential way. I had just been baptized that morning at church, and afterward I was at lunch with some family. I happened to look over at this sweet young couple sitting together at a table close to us, and I noticed that they were glancing at wedding photography. I wanted to introduce myself and give them my card but fear of judgement and rejection held me back. Thank goodness my husband encouraged me to approach them because I just have to say – we are a match made in Heaven! I am so glad I did said hello. Gabi and Dustin are two very fun-loving people! They are many things but it seems to be that silly and fun-loving is what dominates their personalities. We met up in Saxapahaw, a really cute, quiet town filled with hipsters, and just wandered around. We got to know each other better and were able to be transparent about marriage and our love for Jesus and the struggles that we face. These are the kind of people that I love to work with. They are unabashedly themselves. They do not try to conform to standards. They have no fear of judgement. To meet and to have the opportunity to work with two people who are so intentional and fun and silly and cool and unique and transparent is a real privilege.