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Rustic North Carolina Wedding / Katie & Wil

Rustic North Carolina Wedding / Katie and Wil are SO COOL. I’m talking “musician and movie producer living in Los Angeles” cool. They’re both native North Carolinians so I knew they were good down-home people. They got in touch with me waaaay back in February and I was immediately interested in meeting them. We exchanged email after email then finally got the change to chat and I was like “yes! they’re awesome!” We didn’t officially meet until their wedding day but we never skipped a beat. I felt like I was hanging out with old friends. Katie was friendly and bubbly and all smiles all day, completely comfortable with me. And Wil was just enamored with his new bride. Hello. Love. They surrounded themselves with the best people, who smothered them with love and affection. I had such a good time – these kinds of people are why I love what I do.

Awesome Vendors!
Planning and Styling: Happily Ever After Raleigh
Location: Starlight Meadow
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Check out the movies Katie works on!: Electric City Entertainment


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