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Wedding // Carly & Drew // Camp Celo, NC

You guys – I am so excited that I get to share this story with you all! Carly and Drew. What can I even say about them and their amazing and magical wedding day? The words just aren’t there. I didn’t meet either of them until the day before their wedding and they were just such a treat! They welcomed me with warmth and kindness and excitement! And their love for each other was palpable. It was an exciting evening for them as they finished final wedding preparations and gathered with all of their friends around a camp fire to play music and hang out.

Did I already say that their wedding day was magical? Because that is the best word for it. She looked stunning all day running around with her curly locks of flaming red hair! Their day was unlike any wedding I have ever been to. And I have been to my fair share! They got married where Drew grew up – a little community farm area shared by many of┬áthe local residents. It was there at summer camp years ago where Drew and Carly met. Their ceremony was so moving. First of all, they walked in to the ceremony together accompanied by their friends, playing a beautiful love song (Beirut’s Postcards from Italy). The officiant (who happened to be an old college professor of mine! How awesome!) opened up the time to anyone who wanted to speak. You guys, we sat there for over an hour and listened to hilarious, touching, sweet, goofy and crazy stories about Drew and Carly from each of their friends! It was so special to be a part of that atmosphere. The rest of the day, they danced and laughed and rode a tandem bike and chased goats and hugged and kissed and it was oh so good.

Thanks to Layne for bringing me along!


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